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We’re helping transport operators save thousands of pounds on their annual contract driver costs and become more efficient by using our industry leading, easy-to-use agency driver platform with a fixed fee model of just £0.80p p/hour.  

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driver trainer
Assessments and inductions are essential, we can’t cut any corners on this - being able to post out assessment slots onto the platform worked really well for me - I could see the driver applications coming in, review their profiles and then pick the ones that I wanted to bring in.
Case study
transport administration
Checking and approving all the drivers hours on the platform saves me loads of time. I log in on a Sunday afternoon and all the drivers hours for the week are there ready for me to review. I can click into them and see every action performed, by who and when - saves me loads of time chasing around for information. Once I’m happy I raise the PO internally and add it to the platform to sign off the week.
Case study
The platform is really easy to use, I have my templates set up for the shifts I need - when I know what runs I need filling, it takes me a few clicks to send the shifts out - its great - plus it saves me loads of time having to ring round a load of agencies trying to find drivers.
Case study

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I sign up?

To get started, click the 'Request A Demo' button at the top of the page, fill in your details and someone will be in touch shortly.

How do I start and stop a shift?

To start a job, visit the 'Job Schedule' tab in the dashboard, then click the 'Actions' button on the right and select the 'Start' button. This will open a popup where you can review the start time and date, make any necessary adjustments, and click 'Start'.
To stop a shift, visit the 'Jobs To Review' tab in the dashboard, and click 'End Job'. This will open a popup where you can review the end time and date, make any necessary adjustments, and click 'End'.

Can I deduct breaks after reviewing a driver's digi card?

Once a shift has been ended it enters a pending approval status. It will show 'pending' inside the drivers timesheet on their app and on your dashboard. You will then see the option to approve the timesheet for that shift - click the 'Approve' button and the approve popup will open.
Here you can review the start and end times and dates, and make any necessary adjustments for breaks using the drop down selector. After making any adjustments, click 'Approve'.
The driver will be sent a notification, and will then be able to see the total paid hours in their app.

How do I cancel a shift?

To cancel a shift, visit the 'Jobs Schedule' tab in your dashboard, click the 'Actions' button and then click the 'Cancel' icon. For shifts with a driver assigned, if you cancel within 8 hours you will be charged 4 hours, and if you cancel within 4 hours you will be charged 8 hours.

What are the charges and is there a setup cost?

There is no setup charge to use the platform. You will be charged 80p (inc. driver negligence insurance), on top of the driver pay rate, for every hour worked through the platform.

What is Clarity Pay?

Clarity Pay is the contracting and payroll function for Connected2. Clarity Pay run the compliance checks, manage the contracting and make payments to the drivers.

We want single point invoicing - is that possible?

Yes - you will receive a consolidated invoice from Connected2, detailing all the drivers' hours for any week worked, breaking down all associated costs.

I use Ltd. and PAYE drivers at the moment - is this possible on the platform?

You are able to set specific rates for PAYE and Ltd. drivers on your dashboard and send shifts out to both types of drivers using the platform. Each driver will see the applicable rate information inside their app.

What compliance checks are carried out?

All drivers engaged through Connected2 will have had the following checks carried out:
- DVLA licence check
- Right to work check
- Companies House identity check
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