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Rafal, Bristol
Connected2 for me is different to agencies, the main benefit for me is that the employer you are working for uses the app too. They can post your start time out and there is no need to wait for a phone call to find that information out.
The timesheets are also really simple to use, there is no need to be signing paperwork at the end of each day as the app does it for you.
I have been recommending Connected2 to other drivers also.
Jeff, Manchester
I first came across Connected2 by way of an email. I read through all the information and was very intrigued and compelled to investigate further. All the information was clear and precise.
Once signed up to the site all the work was visible and anyone that I dealt with in the system representing Connected2 was welcoming, explanatory and very easy to communicate with.
It's all very easy you just press a few buttons and the system does it all for you - I like that. Unfortunately some agencies seem to think that they're doing you a favour by giving you work and have a condescending attitude. Connected2 is the complete opposite, I would recommend them to anyone and I'm not easily impressed.
Martin, Bradford
Connected2 is a great company and their app is very easy to use. I’ve worked with several different agencies and I find Connected2 to be the most helpful and responsive.
All the available work is clear to see on the app and timesheets are done with only a couple of clicks.
They got me on a temp-perm job straight away from signing up.
David, Chippenham
Connected2 for me is a reliable, ready to go app. The payment is always on time and I find it really easy to use. The guys who you deal with at Connected2 are a friendly bunch which is important for a self employed driver like myself.
Robert, Leeds
I find the app very easy to use and work through without any need for instructions. Because the work is there and able to pick it is easier than a phone call.
I also find it's a fair for drivers like myself who drive as a second job as the app gives every driver the same opportunity for the work available .
I find the timesheets are very easy to use and allows me to keep a record of the hours I worked the previous week.
Ash, Burton
I’ve been an agency driver for a few years, been signed-up with a quite a few and driven at loads of companies over the years.
Working through Connected2 is great - all the available work is clearly listed on the app, I submit my timesheets, receipts and track my weekly earnings all through the app.
With Connected2 I work closer with the companies, have a bit of banter with the transport team in the office too - I know exactly where I stand with them and what needs to be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Connected2?

Connected2 is a digital solution for contract driver supply. Through an app, you are connected directly to operators, allowing you to choose the work, rates and operators that works best for you.

How do I download the app?

To download the app click one of the following links:
Or visit either the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for Connected2.

Can I be Limited or PAYE?

When you create an account on the app you have the option to work as either PAYE or Ltd. Inside the app you will see rates and work based on which option you choose.

How do I apply for a shift?

You can apply for a shift by visiting the 'Find Jobs' tab on your app. Search through jobs to find one that works best for you and click the 'Apply' button.
To see further details about a job, click on the job card and review the job description. You can also apply from there and if your application has been successful, you will receive an offer.

What’s the difference between applications, offers and upcoming shifts?

When you click 'Apply' on a job card inside the 'Find Jobs' marketplace, that job card will move to the 'Applications' tab inside the 'Jobs Schedule' tab.
If you receive an offer from an application, or if a job is sent straight to you, these will sit inside your 'Offers' tab. If you accept a job offer, these will sit inside your 'Upcoming Shifts' tab.

Why can’t I see any shifts?

You will only see jobs that are within 45 miles of your location and match details such as the licence qualifications and preferences you set when you created your account.
If you don’t see any jobs and there should be jobs in your area, check you have set your details correctly or email us at

How much does it cost?

There are no costs to the driver for using Connected2 or Clarity Pay.

What is Clarity Pay?

Clarity Pay is the contracting and payroll function for Connected2. Clarity Pay run the compliance checks, manage the contracting and make payments to the drivers.

How do I onboard with Clarity Pay?

Once you have created a Connected2 account, you will have the option to start your onboarding with Clarity Pay. Otherwise, feel free to search for a shift that works for you and you can then onboard with Clarity Pay – the choice is yours.

Is Clarity Pay an umbrella company?

No it’s not. The contractors are engaged through a typical Contract for Services.

How and when do I get paid?

You will be paid directly into your bank account each Friday for work completed the previous week.
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