We're transforming contract driving for everyone

Connected2 connects drivers to hirers digitally It’s simple, smart and transparent

Everyone gets a better deal Everyone knows where they are Everyone’s happy

Phones showing the app login, job marketplace and haulier dashboard

The benefits

Everyone benefits with Connected2.

Drivers hirers get

more money

Cutting out the middle man reduces the cost to the haulier and allows an increased rate of pay for the driver.

More control

Connecting the haulier and the driver directly allows hauliers to work with the best drivers, and drivers to select their preferred haulier.

More choice

A job marketplace allows drivers to control when and where they work, and hauliers to build a pool of compliant, reliable, high-quality drivers.

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Product photo showing the app job marketplace and haulier dashboard

Meet our platform

How it works

Connected2 is the digital solution for contract driver supply. Hauliers use their dashboard to post shifts directly to pre-qualified drivers. Drivers can apply for the shifts that suit them best, and hauliers allocate the best driver to the shift. Contracting, compliance and weekly payments are managed for both LTD and PAYE drivers, through open-book billing and single point invoices.

Expanding fast

Currently live in Bristol, Manchester and Corby

Hauliers are posting shifts at specific sites across the UK. Next stop: national expansion.

Why isn’t Connected2 available everywhere yet?

We are always looking to sign up new hauliers and increase our driver population. Register your interest to keep up to date with our progress.

Map showing we are live in Manchester, Bristol and Corby

Our launch

What's next?

We’re working in partnership with hauliers to ensure we roll-out as quickly and smoothly as possible. This will be the start of our nationwide expansion, which will span the second half of 2019.


Jan - Mar 2019

Beta test shifts


April 2019

Initial live shifts


Summer 2019

Start of nationwide rollout


End 2019

Live across the UK

How do I sign up?

For drivers

drivers can...

Download the free app and register. Be paid a fair hourly rate, choose when to work and who for, and manage shifts and invoicing via one easy app.
Look out for shifts on your app, or we’ll email you as soon as we’re live in your area.

For hirers

hirers can...

Sign up to find out more, request a demo and get started with Connected2. Cut hiring costs, increase compliance and pick the best drivers.